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Personalized In-Home Pet Sitting & Dog Walking


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Paw Sitters, LLC offers a variety of services personalized to your pets needs. We also include various home services for free which, by making it appear that your house is occupied, can be a crime deterrent.


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"Lucy & Ginger"

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DOG WALKING                                    
Paw Sitters, LLC offers midday dog walking at an affordable price. The more walks you book per month, the more you save (see Rates section)! Midday dog walks are ideal for those who work long hours or have puppies or special needs pets that require a quick potty break. Midday Visits include a 20-minute walk, fresh water, and plenty of love and attention!
We also offer longer dog walks of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and one hour. These walks provide additional time outdoors as well as exercise for your canine companion.                              
Our Daily Visits take approximately 30 minutes depending on number of pets and include:
  • Walk and/or exercise
  • Feeding and providing fresh water for your pets
  • Grooming/brushing and playtime
  • Administration of oral, eye, or ear medications
  • Litterbox cleaning, poop-scooping and disposal of waste
  • Accident clean-up
Home services included at no additional cost:
  • Watering houseplants
  • Bringing in newspapers/mail
  • Turning on/alternating lights
  • Opening/closing blinds
  • Carrying trash in/out
Whether you cannot care for your pet due to illness/injury or your pet is an older companion with diabetes or convalescing from surgery, we provide expert nursing care. This visit includes the above Daily Visit services plus (as specified by your veterinarian):
  • Subcutaneous fluid administration
  • Administration of insulin or other injections
  • Assistance with walking, physical therapy
  • Nail trim and ear cleaning
  • Special diet or medication preparation
  • Post-operative care
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"OJ"  aka Fluffer Nutter

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"The Dude"

Overnight visits include spending the night in your home to provide companionship for your pet while you are away. We will provide food and fresh water as per your instructions, playtime, litter box cleaning, and anything else that will make your pet feel comfortable and taken care of in your absence. 
Need your pet taken to the veterinarian or to the groomers? No problem! We would be happy to transport your pet wherever he needs to go.
Let us run your errands for you!  From picking up more pet food at the pet store to grocery shopping for you prior to your return, we are here to help make your life a little easier!
Going on vacation but have no pets? We offer house sitting services personalilzed to your needs and can visit as often as you wish.  At each visit we will perform a thorough home check to ensure your home is secure. We will also water your plants, alternate lights and blinds, bring in your mail and newspaper, and perform any additional special requests you may need while you are away.
We can also care for your canine companion in our home, as long as he is small to medium sized and potty trained. Your pet will receive personalized, loving, and undivided attention while in our care. 
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